Akidi and Achicha Ede

akidi and achicha ede

Akidi and achicha ede is a traditional meal of black beans and steamed dried cocoyam. Akidi is black beans and achicha ede is dried cocoyam. During the rainy season, harvested cocoyam is cooked for over 12 hours till it turns reddish-brown in color. The cooked cocoyam is then sliced and sun-dried or smoked to get …

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Nigerian Bean Porridge

iron beans porridge with curry leaf

Nutritious? Yes! Delicious? Yes Yes!! Easy to cook? Yes Yes Yes!!! Black-eyed peas need no introduction. Beans are one of the most commonly eaten foods in Nigeria. Because they provide a readily available and affordable source of protein. Blackeyed beans are popularly known as iron beans and are more expensive than other varieties of beans. …

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Mackerel fish curry

fish curry

Lip smacking mackerel fish curry made with a just few ingredients in one pot. Mackerel fish is a very tasty fish and a rich source of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. It is popularly known as ‘Titus fish’ in Nigeria. Commonly eaten fried, boiled, or grilled, mackerel has a unique taste that most …

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Curry leaf chicken curry

curry leaf

This curry leaf chicken curry is simple to prepare but very delicious to eat. It comes together in less time than traditional Indian chicken curries. But still packs a ton of flavor. With succulent chicken cooked in a velvety rich sauce of black pepper, curry leaves, and cashew. This curry is flavorful and spicy. This …

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Milo snack balls

Soft, chewy, chocolatey, milo snack balls. Looking to experiment with Milo? then this recipe is for you. These yummy snack balls are made with just 4 ingredients; milo powder, ground biscuits, grated coconuts, and sweetened condensed milk. You can also add nuts of your choice for crunch. This recipe is fun and simple to prepare. …

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Sweet Coconut balls

coconut balls

These delicious little sweet coconut balls made with fresh coconuts and sweetened condensed milk are a treat for special occasions!!! If you tried my coconut and peanut balls but want a recipe that does not involve cooking, just raw fresh coconuts, then you have to try this sweet coconut balls. They are SIMPLY DELICIOUS! These …

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